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Prison Cell Exercises

by Phil
(St. Louis)

I got my ab workout from watching a "Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe" podcast. Someone wrote in asking how he keeps fit while constantly on the road. He explained that he learned an effective exercise that could be performed without equipment and in a confined space, like a prison cell... or hotel room.

You begin in a standing position, squat down, kick your feet back to bring your body to a push-up position, complete one push-up, return to a squat, stand, and jump. You complete one set of 10 reps and take a one minute rest. You then complete a second set of 9 reps and take another one minute rest. Continue with a total of 10 sets, reducing the number of reps by one for each consecutive set.

I usually run through this exercise 3 times a week and walk the other 4 days. While I thought that this would mostly strengthen my arms and legs, I was surprised about how much it helped with ab strength and definition.

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Prison Cell Exercises

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Staying fit in prison
by: Anonymous

Thank you for describing the prison cell exercise. Are there self-help books that would describe physical exercises, how to get enough nutrition from very limited, poor qualty meals, things to keep one's mind from shriveling, and for handeling the constant stress from the possibly of being injuried or killed while in prison? Maybe I can find advice to pass on from those who survived concentration camps.

California prisons are horridly overcrowded and in trouble for their dismal medical care. Areas meant for recreation and rehab are stacked three-bunks high for inmate warehousing.

One would think it would save tax payers a lot of money if inmates could stay or become fit, both physically and emotionally, while in prison. No one expects gourmet meals, but they should be served nutrious food, given opportunities for physical exercise, and rehab and education programs that will pay off once they are released, as almost all will be (except in California).

by: Jeremy Reeves


Those exercises you're referring to are called "burpees" and yes - they are an absolutely incredible and fast exercise.

They're used by people all around the world and are considered one of the staples of bodyweight exercises

There are many ways to do them too. You can go down into a full pushup like him, you can do them without going into the full pushup and just keep your arms straight (squat thrust), or you can be like me and just land from your jump and fall right into your pushup - making it even MORE difficult!

Thanks for letting everyone know about these incredible exercises.

Owner of

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